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My love letter to the EU

My heart bursts with pride about our National Health System, and so does yours. The Save our NHS campaigns up and down the country aren’t driven by statistics and analytics. We know the NHS has its faults, that it could be more financially efficient and that it has an issue with bureaucracy. But we are […]

From Russia with Love

I’ve seen a whole host of outrage on my newsfeed this weekend about Russia’s placing in the Eurovision Song Contest from friends in the UK and Western Europe. When it looked like they might win, there was a stream of updates about homophobic Russia and how terrible it would be for them to take the […]

I don’t give a fuck that you don’t give a fuck about marriage

So today, people go to the polls in Ireland to decide if same sex couples can get married. The reactions on Facebook are predictable. Long emotive blog posts about why people should vote YES, but also a huge amount of stuff from radical queers making snarky remarks about the vote, eyerolling that people care about […]

Oh we weren’t supposed to be! We learnt too much at school…

This is not a sob story. I don’t have anything to feel sorry for myself about. I love my job and my career to date and my education has been transformative at each stage of my life. But it is anger. It’s anger at a system that even when the cards fall pretty much together […]

Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all: or why men aren’t a disadvantaged group in HE

In 2013, the then Universities Minister, David Willetts, called for white working class boys to be “treated like an ethnic minority” when it came to widening participation initiatives in universities. Mary Curnock Cook, head of UCAS, got in on the act too, claiming that men are “beginning to look more like the disadvantaged group” when […]

The Thicke of It

You would have to have been on a self imposed media blackout to miss the furore over Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. A quick google will throw up national newspaper articles, blog posts from those disgusted by the song discussing dancefloor sit-ins and requests to radio stations to delist the song, and subsequently the ever to […]

This shit wouldn’t happen at Hogwarts!

Wednesday brought with it #demo2012 – the latest in a long line of hashtag adorned mass student demonstrations organised by the National Union of Students. Around 10,000 students marched through the streets of London unified in protest against mass youth unemployment and the coalition government’s educational reform. Amongst the many witty pop culture based placards […]